Course Tactis

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Number 1 is a good 3 shot par 5. The tee shot should be to the right side of the fairway bunker. The 2nd shot should be aimed left of the pot bunker on the right side of the fairway. If you hit a good 2nd shot you have a wedge or short iron into the green from the left side of the fairway.



Number 2 plays as a long par 4. The smart shot off the tee will be to the left of the long fairway bunker. The 2nd shot will be a solid long iron or a fair wood. Playing it from the left side will give you a good angle into the green and help to keep your ball out of the water surrounding the green.



Number 3 is a challenging par 3 with water all along the right side. The green is big enough to catch most of the balls, so pick a club for the appropriate distance and just trust it.



Number 4 is a short par 4 with Love Grass along the right side. The tee shot should be aimed at the pot bunker in the middle of the fairway. The green is small with lots of undulations so you need to set up for a 2nd shot that you can control.



Number 5 is a beautiful par 3 that is well protected by bunkers and the marsh area in front. The green is small but very receptive.



Number 6 is a par 4 that will reward the long hitters. The tee shot should be aimed at the left corner of the fairway. A good shot will catch a bounce off the mound and give you some extra length off the tee. The 2nd shot will test your accuracy on your long irons. The green is very big and may play easier if you leave it short and chip on instead of leaving yourself a long putt.



Number 7 offers the player a really good birdie opportunity, it is however a risk/reward hole. The hold measuring 296yds from the black tee gives the longer hitter an opportunity to get very close to the green with the tee shot. However, any drive pulled left is sure to find the water, and newly positioned bunker on the right is ideally placed to catch the over cautious pushed tee shot. So for the uncertain player, think percentages, a fairway wood or long iron into good position, leaves a pitch and two putts for a steady par 4.



Number 8 is a fun par 4 that will make you use your imagination. A tee shot left of the bunkers is a must. The 2nd shot can be played many ways depending on the pin placement and wind. A good punch shot-bump and run, short of the green might be a good shot to have in your bag.



Number 9 is a long par 5 that is well bunkered throughout the hole. Off the tee aim down the middle and let it rip. If the wind is gusting you might be able to reach the green in two. But be careful with the tee shot, because you don’t want to be hitting a long iron to the green with the wind behind you unless you are trying to make eagle.


HOLE 10:

Number 10 is a picturesque par 4 that looks scary from the tee. The tee shot needs to be hit over the right side of the big bunker in front of the tee. The second shot will be a middle to long iron into the well-bunkered green.


HOLE 11:

Number 11 is the shortest par 3 on the course. Try to stay out of the bunker on the left side or you will be faced with a bunker shot aimed at the water.


HOLE 12:

Number 12 is a par 4 that will give you a good chance at birdie. A good tee shot to the right of the bunkers will set you up for a short downhill second shot to the large green. The green is large and well bunkered, so be sure and take aim at the right spot.


HOLE 13:

Number 13 plays as one of the most picturesque holes and one of the most fearful holes. A straight tee shot to the narrow “looking” fairway is a must. The second shot is one of the most mentally challenging on the course. If you try and reach in 2, you better hit a perfect shot, because anything less will find the water. If you let it hang out to the right, there are some menacing bunkers that will make you regret it. The smart player will play 3 smart shots and be happy with a putt for birdie.


HOLE 14:

Number 14 is a strategically designed par 4. Although short in distance, you must hit 2 precise shots in order to take advantage of the hole and make a birdie.


HOLE 15:

Now starts the “journey home”. Number 15, 16, 17 and 18 are four of the most challenging holes you will ever play. Number 15 is the last of the par 3’s and by far the most challenging. The distance alone will make you wonder if you’re playing the fight tees, while the bunkers and water around the green will awe you with their beauty.


HOLE 16:

Number 16 is a long par 5 that will make you think about trying to get home in 2. The tee shot needs to be down the middle and long if you want to challenge the hole. For the high handicappers, it is a 3 shot hole that will make you overcome your fear of water, one way or another. The final shot into the green must go over the water, so pick your favorite distance and set up for that shot as your approach into the green. Just enjoy the beauty of the hole.


HOLE 17:

Number 17 is a par 4 dogleg right with water along the right side. With Love Grass on the left and water on the right, a good tee shot is a must. The green is also well-bunkered but plays easier if you come in from the left side.


HOLE 18:

Number 18 is the final leg in the “journey home”. It is a long par 4 with bunkers everywhere you look. The hole plays straight, but a tee shot to the left side will give you a better angle into the green. If the wind is blowing, a punch shot short of the green will be a valuable shot to have.