National Club Managers Conference

Since founded in 2001, National Golf Club General Manager Conference has developed to the most authoritative and influential industry exchange platform for golf in China. Over ten years, NGCGMC’s activities spread across the country. The 12th NGCGMC will be held in 2011. In traditional Chinese culture, the twelve terrestrial branches complete a circle, while ten years mark a fresh beginning. In the past year, the NGCGMC secretariat has done extensive research and collected general input regarding the development of NGCGMC. In order to better facilitate the domestic and international exchange and cooperation, to promote the adoption and popularity of golf, and to further enhance its influence on the industry, it is decided that NGCGMC will start transforming in 2011 and take three years to upgrade to “National Club Managers Conference”.

The brand-new “National Club Managers Conference” will feature higher level of conferences, richer program, more sophisticated organization and more pragmatic approach to accommodate golf club owners, professional managers, government officials, overseas peers and golf fans from around the world. The Conference aims to discuss golf development plans, reinforce friendship and networking in the industry, and also promote international exchange to make more contribution of social responsibility toward the popularity growth and harmonious development of golf. The media are generally invited to witness and report the story of “National Club Managers Conference” in a joint effort to promote golf in China.

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